Rodent Control Measures: An effective way to control the nuisance of pests

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July 20, 2018

Different variety of rodents such as rat and mice are accountable for causing large-scale destruction in offices, homes and even farms. So, as soon as a household notice the infestation of rodents in their home, the first step must be to take quick preventive measures to stop the multiplication of the rodents. The preventive measures to control the infestation of rodents also depends upon the type of pests, the type of problems caused by them, and the level of their invasion in the home.

How to identify the presence of rodents near your abode?

Before taking any preventive measures the prior step is to identify the rodents in your home. There are some signs which can assist you in identifying the rodents:

Look up for signs of rodents around kitchen or bedroom:

The signs of rodents gnawing food bites can be clearly seen around kitchen, bedroom, sink or even in bathroom corners.

Nesting material: It is also advisable to look for some nesting material around your home to locate the presence of the rodents.
Look for the population of rodents near the holes in closets or cabinet or the crawl spaces in the buildings.


Effective measures to control Rodents Population:
Some effective measures to control the rodents are as follows:

Bait traps: Bait traps are used by the households on a large scale to check the population of the rodents. These bait traps are easily available in the market at a shoestring budget. Various electronic traps available in the market can also solve your problems.

Rodenticides: The rodenticides are poisonous chemical elements exclusively designed to ensnare rodents. The rodenticides can be in the form of grain, seeds and oats etc. as their only goal is to trap the rodents.

Human live traps: These traps are used to capture rodents alive and after that throw out them in a dense area.

Professional Assistance:

if someone is not able to trap the rodents himself or herself, then it is advisable to seek the assistance of the professional companies to control the population of the rodents.

So, these are certain measures that can be taken effectively to control the rising nuisance of the rodents. If you are a native of Singapore then you can seek the assistance of various professional agencies for rodent control in Singapore, but the name of Rapid pest control has become memorable in the hearts of the clients due to their excellent services and client satisfaction.

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