Mosquito Control

Our senior technician will search and survey around your premise for mosquito breeding grounds. Once the survey is completed, our licensed professionals design an appropriate treatment program to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on your property.

The purpose of this treatment is to control larval phase of mosquitoes. This prevents their further development into adults, and reduces future populations of biting adult mosquitoes.

Ant Control

The most important step in Ant Control is to search the nest ans destroy it. Our senior technician will start with a through inspection to search the nest and their harborage sites, Nests are often found in crack or crevice. A treatment may be applied at this point if the nest cannot be located.

Baits are placed in strategic ares for foraging ants to transfer to the nest. Baits contain an attractive food substance and a small amount of chemical that does not kill the ant but allows it to return it to the nest. Ants feed by regurgitating food to other ants. The ants will be killed or carry the chemical back to the nest and kill others.

Cockroach Control

Our senior technician will inspect infested areas to determine an appropriate treatment strategy. This may include housekeeping practices to reduce the attractiveness of the are for cockroaches to breed with judicious use of treatment applications to control any cockroach problem. The main control methods for the eradication of cockroaches is gel baits. These allow us to eliminate cockroaches in domestic and commercial situations without disruption.

Residual sprays and dusts may also be required to control certain species. A good housekeeping & hygiene program is essential to discourage cockroach infestation Ensure that all food scraps are removed, crack and crevices in kitchen should be sealed and minimize storage and rubbish around external areas.

Rodent Control

Our Programs are designed to reduce rodent populations without harming any non-targeted species such as pets and native animals. This is possible with the use of traps and baits stations placed in and around your home so pets, children or non -targeted animals cannot access the bait.

Through examinations need to be made periodically to assure that all points of entry(foundations, utility pipes and wires passing into the house) are secure. These programs also involve advice on reducing the areas that can allow rodents to thrive. We will design a service program and packages to ensure that you get exactly the coverage that you need.

Good housekeeping & hygiene program need to be in place in order to keep rodents in out of your house. Removal of all food sources is essential. All food that are accessible should be stored in metal or plastic containers.

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate and do it yourself measures are typically not effective. So your first step should be to contact the pest control experts, global environment protection.

Our senior technician will start with a detailed inspection to locate bed bugs and their harborage sites. With detailed information we will then develop customized bed bug program to meet your specific needs. Control of bed bugs best achieved by following an integrated pest management (IPM) approach that involves combination of multiple tactics, such as preventive measures, and pesticide application to targeted sites.

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